Expansive Stories




The lights were off. In a darkened corner of her bedroom a young, blue unicorn sat weeping, her head dipped so that her black mane covered her eyes. Inside she was in turmoil, torn between anger and sadness, full of hope and yet feeling hopeless. She weakly banged her head against the wall, tears dribbling from her eyes.

Silently a grey pegasus appeared in her doorway, a stallion not much older than her, “Cavi? You alright, sis?”

She glanced at him for a moment before turning away again, trying miserably to hide how she felt.

Grey trotted over, giving the top of her head a gentle nuzzle, “What’s wrong?”

She choked on her words as she spoke. “Nothing,” came the reply, “it’s not important… I’m not important…”

“Hey now,” he said, gently embracing her in his wings, “That’s just wrong. You’re important to me! You’re important to a lot of people!”

She just stifled back tears. They sat silently for a few minutes before he opted to speak, “Anything I can do for you, little sis?”

The question had barely left his lips before she replied, “I want to be eaten,”

His brain hit a computational error. “H’yuh… I… You… What?”

Her anger flared, “I want to feel useful, and given that I’m SO FUCKING USELESS AT EVERYTHING, then MAYBE I’d at least make a good meal… be sustenance or something…”

He looked down at her awkwardly. “Is this one of those weird Internet things? You know how I feel about those weird Internet things,”

Se stood up quickly, turning to face him as though enraged. Her voice remained soft however. “Bro, all I want right now is to feel safe and secure… in there…” Her hoof nudged at his pudgy middle. He could see another tear forming in her eye. It was a weird request, but he’d do it, for her.

Silently he laid a hoof across her back, planting a wet lick on her face, “Well, it is dinner time…”

A smile was already returning to her face.

He planted another wet lick on her face, and another on her mane, driven by the bitterness of her salty tears. He had given his little sister plenty of lickings before, but none as saliva-ridden as these. He’d need plenty of lubricant for this. “Do I just..?” He shrugged. might as well just go for It. He lowered his muzzle to her ear and an affectionate nibble, before opening his mouth as wide as he could force it to go and “Urrk!”

Her unicorn horn had stabbed into the roof of his mouth, having excitedly shoved his sisters entire head into his maw at once. She was purring madly. He let out a groan, stifling his pain for the sake of his sister. With a free hoof he adjusted her position to keep the horn well away from anything sensitive, tugging her a little closer so that her head started to slide down his neck.

His wet throat gently pulsated against her as it slowly pulled her downwards. She purred and licked at the inside of his gullet. The sensation was strange, but pleasant. He smiled, pulling the top of her forehooves into his cheeks.

Slowly his hooves tugged her closer, bundling more of his dear sister’s blue furred body into his painfully stretched maw. Spurred on by her purrs of happiness and nuzzles of encouragement as she slid gently through to his dark, damp digestive system.

Her head gently entered into a small but relatively cavernous area – the stomach. It was pitch black with darkness and smelled of nothing pleasant, but she smiled. Home.

Outside, his hooves were still tugging her lower body inwards. He licked along her stomach, eliciting an audible giggle, as his hooves started to grasp at her flanks, pulling them towards his mouth. With one great burst of effort, he dragged her legs and tail into his mouth, forcing through a great gulp as he finally swallowed her. Her body sliding right down his throat and collecting in his stomach, where she curled happily against herself.

Grey grunted as his belly hit the floor, groaning at having swallowed nearly his entire body weight in a single go. Cavi just squirmed excitedly, still planting nuzzles and licks against the inside of his strained stomach.

Slowly he rolled himself onto his back, hugging his hooves around his overstuffed gut and the sister within, “Love you, little sis.”

Cavi pressed a hoof against the wall of her fleshy home, “Love you too, big brother.”